Monday, May 16, 2011

mb nightstands

would you ever believe me if i told you that these beauties were actually built from old stair tread scraps and an old toy box?  don't worry i wouldn't either, but they are!  i'm starting to think that i'm really into this whole recycling of old wood thing!  especially when it leaves me with something like this!

thank goodness the hubs knows exactly how to go about assembling things like this when i start presenting him with ideas on what i want.  there are a couple of things about this nightstand that i love.

1.  custom height since our bed is really high
2. extra deep drawer
3. lower shelf
4.  detailing on the drawer

once we came up with our design after looking at many, many options we went to work trying to figure out all the measurements.  this part is a little tricky because you want to make sure everything is proportionate. 

since i wanted the nightstands higher than most i used our existing dresser heights and drawers as a jumping off point and of course there are just some things you can't change like how much room we had on the right side of our bed.  ideally they would have been a little wider, but we just didn't have that option.  however, the 24" that i settled on is still pretty wide and allows room for decoration and practical use as well.

once we had all the measurements down the hubs got to cracking on cutting all those stair treads down  and assembling.

if your into building furniture and do not have one of these handy dandy little tools, well, then you should definitely look into gettting one.  according to the hubby it's worth every penny!  
(no this is not a plug)
 (it's just something we've found to be very, very useful)

once everything was assembled i got busy painting the tables a deep turqoise color that seems to be so popular right now

once the color went on it was a whole lot brighter than i expected and really didn't match the color chip very well.  i wondered if it didn't have something do to with the richness of the color.  after two coats  it seemed to deepen more, but i still wasn't completely satisfied.  i decided that once i applied glaze if it still didn't take on the hue i needed then i would repaint and add a little black to the paint mixture hoping that would help.  luckily, i didn't have to do that at all!  the glaze mixture i applied worked like a charm and gave it that richness it so needed.  i let everything cure for a good two weeks and then applied a coat of poly for protection.

i'm pretty pleased with how well this project turned out!

until tomorrow,

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  1. I'm a new follower. I found your blog on Picket Fence. I love this nightstand! And I LOVE the color and you are very right about the turquoise color. Your house is gorgeous!


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