Wednesday, May 11, 2011

the "crazy" bed

yep.  i have officially named my first piece of furniture!  actually it was my husband who gave me the idea after about the 1,000,001 time he asked me if i was in fact crazy! the idea on this bed was a little far fetched even for me (of course i never admitted that to him), but i figured what do i have to lose?  a couple of bucks and a little of my time.  ok, maybe a lot more than a "little" of my time and a whole lot of his, but you get the idea. 

to keep it short and sweet i just did a photo collage to show how the whole project went down...

1. & 2. built a frame out of 2x4's - nothing fancy
but we did make it in two parts so that if it ever did need to be disassembled
for moving it could be done easily

3.  i snagged this dreadful headboard for little of nothing because i figured it would be perfect for the design i had envisioned (little did i know, right?!)

4. but before it could have the design i envisioned it sorta had to be taken completely apart.  sounds like a lot of trouble huh?  that's what the hubs thought too! but i manged to convince him to help me...
so we popped off the molding.

5., 6., & 7. cut out the center post so we could make one solid piece of wood
8. & 9. and then to square things up and get rid of the curve on the top we cut out a little template to glue in place

10.  you can see how absolutely horrible it looks, but none of that will matter in the end.
(from this step to the recovering step i sanded and refinished the posts)

11.  once everything was dry i covered the solid board in foam

12. then batting

13. & 14. then fabric (can i just tell you how tricky this was trying to get it around the "c"!!)

15. then i added trim to the top to "define" and frame the fabric, as well as tie in the posts so that it all made sense visually

16. & 17.  then the hubs attached all the wooden side rails to the 2x4 frame and then to the headboard.  these were made out of some old skirt boards someone gave us.  we just cut down to to size sanded and finished to match the posts and trim across the top of the headboard.

18.  putting everything back together.

and since it turned out like this...

i'd say that's a job well done, wouldn't you?
until tomorrow,

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  1. WOW! That is seriously impressive!!! I love a padded headboard! So warm and inviting! Great job! It looks fabulous!


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