Monday, March 19, 2012

side entryway

with all this unseasonably warm weather these past few weeks i’ve definitely gotten a little spring fever.  since it’s still just a little early to start planting my annual flowers i decided to focus all this energy into sprucing up my side entryway.
so i added this fun little yellow bench, a few springy pillows made by yours truly using this tutorial, and of course a little bit of whimsy, an owl that says welcome spring.  once everything was in place it still felt as though something was missing.  so i looked high and low and came across four wooden plaques for 70% of that i thought might work.  the hubby helped me join them together to make one large piece to limit the number of holes drilled into our brick.  after hanging i thought it made the perfect back drop for my spring wreath.
in the future I may still add a pair of these to sit under the bench  for color

and maybe a tin of flowers too
untitled 2

overall it was a fun little project and I think it will also be fun to switch things out as the seasons change and for special holidays.

until tomorrow,

Monday, March 05, 2012

long time no chat

hi all !
it's been awhile.  a L-O-N-G while to be exact.  i needed a break.  a much needed break from blogging and projects.  well, not all projects.  i did manage to finish a few in my absence.  the largest being our family room, but more on that later. 
in my short stint as a blogger i learned a very important fact. blogging rules, post writing, diy projects, and a stressful day job, coupled with everyday life events can cause serious burnout and total lack of interest in anything blogging related.
  during my absence i managed to gain a new perspective. 
i miss writing my corny diy posts and i miss chatting with ya'll!
so, for those of you who stuck around to see if i would make it back...
T-H-A-N-K Y-O-U!
until tomorrow,


Monday, May 16, 2011

mb nightstands

would you ever believe me if i told you that these beauties were actually built from old stair tread scraps and an old toy box?  don't worry i wouldn't either, but they are!  i'm starting to think that i'm really into this whole recycling of old wood thing!  especially when it leaves me with something like this!

thank goodness the hubs knows exactly how to go about assembling things like this when i start presenting him with ideas on what i want.  there are a couple of things about this nightstand that i love.

1.  custom height since our bed is really high
2. extra deep drawer
3. lower shelf
4.  detailing on the drawer

once we came up with our design after looking at many, many options we went to work trying to figure out all the measurements.  this part is a little tricky because you want to make sure everything is proportionate. 

since i wanted the nightstands higher than most i used our existing dresser heights and drawers as a jumping off point and of course there are just some things you can't change like how much room we had on the right side of our bed.  ideally they would have been a little wider, but we just didn't have that option.  however, the 24" that i settled on is still pretty wide and allows room for decoration and practical use as well.

once we had all the measurements down the hubs got to cracking on cutting all those stair treads down  and assembling.

if your into building furniture and do not have one of these handy dandy little tools, well, then you should definitely look into gettting one.  according to the hubby it's worth every penny!  
(no this is not a plug)
 (it's just something we've found to be very, very useful)

once everything was assembled i got busy painting the tables a deep turqoise color that seems to be so popular right now

once the color went on it was a whole lot brighter than i expected and really didn't match the color chip very well.  i wondered if it didn't have something do to with the richness of the color.  after two coats  it seemed to deepen more, but i still wasn't completely satisfied.  i decided that once i applied glaze if it still didn't take on the hue i needed then i would repaint and add a little black to the paint mixture hoping that would help.  luckily, i didn't have to do that at all!  the glaze mixture i applied worked like a charm and gave it that richness it so needed.  i let everything cure for a good two weeks and then applied a coat of poly for protection.

i'm pretty pleased with how well this project turned out!

until tomorrow,

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

the "crazy" bed

yep.  i have officially named my first piece of furniture!  actually it was my husband who gave me the idea after about the 1,000,001 time he asked me if i was in fact crazy! the idea on this bed was a little far fetched even for me (of course i never admitted that to him), but i figured what do i have to lose?  a couple of bucks and a little of my time.  ok, maybe a lot more than a "little" of my time and a whole lot of his, but you get the idea. 

to keep it short and sweet i just did a photo collage to show how the whole project went down...

1. & 2. built a frame out of 2x4's - nothing fancy
but we did make it in two parts so that if it ever did need to be disassembled
for moving it could be done easily

3.  i snagged this dreadful headboard for little of nothing because i figured it would be perfect for the design i had envisioned (little did i know, right?!)

4. but before it could have the design i envisioned it sorta had to be taken completely apart.  sounds like a lot of trouble huh?  that's what the hubs thought too! but i manged to convince him to help me...
so we popped off the molding.

5., 6., & 7. cut out the center post so we could make one solid piece of wood
8. & 9. and then to square things up and get rid of the curve on the top we cut out a little template to glue in place

10.  you can see how absolutely horrible it looks, but none of that will matter in the end.
(from this step to the recovering step i sanded and refinished the posts)

11.  once everything was dry i covered the solid board in foam

12. then batting

13. & 14. then fabric (can i just tell you how tricky this was trying to get it around the "c"!!)

15. then i added trim to the top to "define" and frame the fabric, as well as tie in the posts so that it all made sense visually

16. & 17.  then the hubs attached all the wooden side rails to the 2x4 frame and then to the headboard.  these were made out of some old skirt boards someone gave us.  we just cut down to to size sanded and finished to match the posts and trim across the top of the headboard.

18.  putting everything back together.

and since it turned out like this...

i'd say that's a job well done, wouldn't you?
until tomorrow,

Monday, May 09, 2011

master bedroom = complete

ahhh.  finally. back to the master bedroom project.  did you think it fell into a black hole?  don't worry.  i did to! but i'm here to say that it is finally done, done, done!!!  YAY!  can you tell i'm just a little excited?!

so to celebrate it's finished state, i'm planning to follow-up with a few posts to share how we arrived at the finished product.  not that you really want to know, but just so i can keep it real by documenting the craziness of this entire project.  just you wait! i'm sure once you see some of these photos you'll be wondering what exactly was she thinking?   good thing your gonna know the outcome before hand! 

so, not to keep you in suspense any longer...
the finished mb

yes, this room definitely took on it's own personality over the course of two years, but i love its bright and very casual feeling - which is of course is what i'm all about!

oh, and don't let me forget the lovely

until tomorrow,

Thursday, May 05, 2011

adding a little outdoor color

last summer our house got a fresh coat of paint and since i knew that it was going  to under go massive amounts of pressure washing i didn't even bother planting anything for fear they would get damaged. however, this year i was definitely itching to get a few new things planted to help welcome spring and add a little character to the sorely lacking curb appeal.

instead of purchasing new planters i decided to improvise with a few masonry ones that i already had.  they just needed a little tlc and maybe a few coats of oil rubbed bronze spray paint to bring them back to life.    

once the pots were dry i made a little trip to the local nursery and picked up a few things that fit within my landscape color palette and would grow great in our very shaded yard.  it has been a few weeks since they were planted and i'm just amazed at how a few flowers and some newly made over planters could make such a difference to our home's appearance! 

until tomorrow,

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